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Record prize money of at least 10.000 Euro

Europes best Racketlon players will meet from 25th August to 3. September 2017 in Austria. In Wr. Neudorf (Juniors and Seniors) and in the City & Country Club in Vienna (Elite and Amateurs) where the European Championship titles in singles, doubles and for teams will be awarded. It will be the biggest Racketlon event in history! For the first time all classes will be held at the same time, secondly a record budget of over 100.000 Euro has been put up.

With this budget we can put up Centre Court Arenas at two venues, cover the hotel costs for national team players during the team events, offer a shuttle service between the official tournament hotels and the event locations, organise side events and guarantee a total prize money of at least 10.000 Euro. This amount can even be toped if more sponsors are found.

All this will make the tournament to a high professional event. For me as a tournament director it was also very important that the women and men European Championship winner receives the same prize money, something we guarantee at the 2. FIR European Racketlon Championships!

Christoph Krenn

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