Czech Open 2017

For the Czech Open 2017, 132 players from 19 countries came to Prague to fight for the titles in 9 double categories and 12 single categories from 21st to 23rd of April.
In Men Elite we welcomed seed 1, Lukas Windischberger from Austria (WR 3) and seed 2, Morten Jaksland from Denmark (WR 4). Seed 3, Austrian Michi Dickert, who withdrew the night before the tournament, was replaced by Benjamin Hampl from Switzerland (WR 7) and seed 4, Danish Jesper Hougaard (WR 8). In Women Elite seeds 1 and 2 both came from Austria: Christine Seehofer (WR 1) and Bettina Bugl (WR 6).
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During the first day of the tournament, all matches of the double categories were played as well as some first round matches of the single categories.

In Men Elite Doubles the unseeded pair Morten Jaksland (DEN) and Janez Makovec (SLO) won over top seeded Dan Busby (GBR) and Benjamin Hampl (SUI) in the first round. In the final they also succeded in the match against 2nd seeded Lukas Windischberger (AUT) and Piers Boden (GBR). The bronze medal went to „the oldies“ Richard Middleton (GBR) and Thomas Knaack (GER).

In Women Elite Doubles, according to expectations, Christine Seehofer and Bettina Bugl (both AUT) won in a round robin over Svenja Kleb (GER) and Margaux Randjbar (FRA) who became 2nd and Heike Voigt (GER) and Kirsten Kaptein (NED) who became 3rd.

The winner in Mixed Doubles were Christine Seehofer and Lukas Windischberger (both AUT) who won over Natalie Paul (GER)/ Morten Jaksland (DEN) in the final.

Saturday and Sunday

Two Austrians and two Germans reached the semifinals in Women Elite.
Christine Seehofer (AUT) beat Heike Voigt (GER) and Natalie Paul (GER) beat Bettina Bugl (AUT). Christine Seehofer once again took the gold medal without having to play tennis in one of her matches.

A big surprise in Men Elite was Rav Rykowski who beat Piers Boden (GBR) in the first round, then Morten Jaksland (DEN, WR 4) in the quarterfinal and Janez Makovec (SLO) in the semifinal. In the final Rav and Lukas (credit: Czech Open) were even before tennis, but the Austrian showed his strenght winning tennis by 21-14.

The most thrilling final took place in the men’s B category between Michal Horacek from the Czech Republic and Loic Cencig from France where the Czech took gold by winning in a  Gummiarm.

All finals and some semifinal matches of elite categories were broadcasted by video stream (you can find it on: All recorded streams are on right side) and ensured with live scoring on monitors.

Pictures taken by Filip Rejthar can be found here!

See you next year!

Svatopluk Rejthar
Tournament Director

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