World Tour 2018

To finalize the 2018 tour is a long process and is taking a bit longer this year than in previous years. To prepare the community for the upcoming year, we have decided to publish the part of next year's tour that is now confirmed. More tournaments should come, but there is still a bit more work to be done with them before they can be confirmed.

First tournament on the calendar is taking place in Austria as usual. The City and Country Club in Wienerberg that just hosted the European Championships, will be hosts of the Vienna Classics. Swedish Open then again returns to Malmö in the last weekend of February and is followed up by last year's very popular event hosted by Racketlon Denmark at Club La Santa on the Canary Island of Lanzarote. Note that this tournament is played from Saturday to Monday and is played only one week after Swedish Open.

The tour continues a month and a half later with the traditional Czech Open in Prague. Then the first of the confirmed challengers take place in Northampton in Massachusetts, USA, for the second straight year. May is without a tournament so far, but King of Rackets in Belgium will take place in the first weekend of June as always. A newcomer to the tour will take us to Paris in the last weekend of June for a challenger, which will be followed by the popular stop in Riga for Latvian Open in mid-July. A completely renovated Racket Center in Nussloch will then host the German Open two weeks later before the highlight of the year will take place in Vitis Club in Zürich, Switzerland in August. Last confirmed tournament of the year is the SWT World Tour Finals Austrian Open in Vienna November.

Finnish Open, Malta Open and British Open is not yet on the calendar, but it is very likely that all of these will take place in 2018 too. The locations for Champions League is yet to be confirmed and will be decided on a council voting between the applicants when the calendar is final. Also, World Champs doubles is yet to be confirmed. This will be played on the same weekend as an existing tournament that will be extended to a 4-day tournament.

Kresten Hougaard
FIR President


Below is the 2018 World Tour as it looks as of now.



Vienna Classics

Vienna, Austria



Swedish Open

Malmö, Sweden



Club La Santa Open

Lanzarote, Spain



Czech Open

Prague, Czech Republic



Massachusetts Rackets Masters

Northampton, MA, USA



King of Rackets

Oudenaarde, Balgium



French Open

Paris, France



Latvian Open

Riga, Latvia



German Open 

Nussloch, Germany



World Champs Teams and Singles

Zürich, Switzerland



World Tour Finals Austrian Open

Vienna, Austria