World Doubles Championships 2018

The FIR have worked hard to find a solution for hosting the World Doubles Championship in 2018. A solution for this have now been found and it means Germany and Nussloch will have a second tournament in 2018. As an exception they have been granted permission to host two IWTs. The first one at 10th to 13th of May, which includes the 2018 World Doubles Championships on 10th to 11th along with IWT Nussloch Open on 12th to 13th. The other tournament in Racket Center Nussloch will be the classic IWT German Open, which like last year will be with the second part of the Champions League as a part of it. Please note that this tournament have been moved one week due to unforeseen circumstances, so it will now take place on the 3rd to 5th of August. Racket Center Nussloch looks forward to hosting the racketlon community twice in 2018.

Kresten Hougaard
FIR President