Wesleyan University is located in Middletown, Connecticut, USA and offers undergraduate degrees in Liberal Arts. Students pursuing this degree can now have "Racketlon" featured on their final transcript should they take the class that is now offered for university credit. 

Strange that this has happened in the USA, a place where Racketlon is yet to fully take hold. Shona Kerr, Head Squash Coach at Wesleyan University, played her first Racketlon in Toronto several years ago and has now brought her Racketlon experience to a for-credit university setting. Needless to say the first offering of this class was full and there is much expectation for the second offering starting in March. The class meets twice a week for an hour and half where students are introduced to basic racket skills, then to each sport and then to the concept of playing, table-tennis, badminton, squash and tennis together as one sport. The class culminates in a singles and doubles Racketlon tournament for the class members. Shona hopes to be able to help grow Racketlon in the USA and this is a good start and to host an open Racketlon tournament that the students can compete against racketloners from around the world and even travel to other cities to play in tournaments themselves. Test racketlons have been held in Boston, San Francisco and Pheonix so the word is spreading and perhaps the USA is very close to making that breakthrough. Please watch this space!

Website www.wesleyan.edu

Shona Kerr, USA