Busy German Open

The German Open  2017 were celebrated after another successfull edition of this traditional tournament was held in Nussloch this weekend (28th - 30th July). With 146 players present and a total of 210 entries this was one of the busiest editions of the tournament so far. All results are now online on fir.tournamentsoftware.com




Ipro LONDON wins first edition of new Champions League

Favorites Ipro London win the first edition of the Champions League with a new format.
For more on CL see posted article by Duncan Stahl.


Favorites take the singles titles

Both Amke Fischer from Germany and Lukas Windischberger from Austria took home the gold medals in the elite classes.  Amke beat surprise finalist Zuzana Severinova from Czeh Republic while Lukas managed to beat Danish Morten Jaksland. The podium was completed by German Natalie Paul and Jesper Hougaard from Denmark.

The Men's elite doubles titles went to the Swiss pairing of Christian Schaefer and Michael Strässle. The Ladies elite doubles was won by Germans Jennifer Schmitz and Heike Voigt.

With Korbinian Heim and local favorite Ann-Kathrin Pfeifer both Men's and Women's B titles went to the hosting country.

In the Men's C class France took home the title with Mandrin Mouchet while Men D was won by German Moritz Krede.

All praise to Organising team

With four CL matches to be played during the weekend, together with all other classes it was a huge task for the organising team led by Verena and Sandra. At the prize giving ceremony tournament Director Matthias Zimmerman was the first to congratulate and thank his team for this well done job during the whole weekend.

Each year a group of students gets the task on doing everything to get this tournament running but this year the extra task regarding CL was added. It was difficult to get the timeschedule right but everything went smoothly. We hope to meet everybody next year in the new and improved Racket Center.

Hans Van Daele
FIR Delegate

Her is a link to a short TV coverage (unfortunately without subtitles): http://www.rnf.de/mediathek/video/komplex-racketlon-in-nussloch/